Santa Maria di Gesù in Chiaramonte Gulfi

Reasons to visit the Convent

The Monastery of Christ of Fra Umile, with the Church dedicated to St. Mary of Jesus, is located in the outermost part of the inhabited center, was built in the 17th century, even if friars had been living in this area for some time.
In the Convent, you can admire the ancient cloister and a towering Christ built in the seventeenth century, alongside amazing creations produced by Franciscan friars.
The silva (namely, the large vegetable garden of the Convent) abounds with fruit trees, is bordered by stone walls and bordered by centuries-old pines.
In the spring, this place becomes a paradise of scents, thanks to the blooming of not just fruit trees, but also flowers such as daisies, tulips, etc …

Products made by Friars

Ceramic laboratory products and production of oil-based soap flavored with other plants.

Opening times

The Church is open from 10:00 to 1:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 6 pm.
To visit the Convent please contact, at least 24 hours before, the Associazione Pro Loco di Chiaramonte Gulfi (phone numbers +39.335.8325498 / +39.338.5048476, e-mail

Services to tourists

Christian or Franciscan spiritual training meetings (prayer and silence)


Christian or Franciscan spiritual training retirements (prayer and silence)

Spiritual retreats in the pre-Easter period and personalized meetings scheduled upon reservation (prayer and silence).

Work and prayer camps

Ceramic workshop.

School camps

Only in summer time.


Prayers at 8:00 am;
Vespers at 6:30 pm;
Every Tuesday, Lectio Divina and compline at 9:00 pm.


Only upon reservation.

Prayer Days

  • See Triduum, 11 August, Feast of Saint Claire;
  • Triduum to S. Francis and prayer to S. Anthony (1-13 June; 13 June: blessing of bread and distribution);
  • Triduum to Our Lady of Lourdes (11 February, in the garden of the Convent);
  • Christmas Novena at 6:30 pm.