Italy’s most beautiful hamlet


Crossing the narrow and long streets of Gangi, which lead to hidden places, it is still possible to breathe the scent of bread and tradition. Unique art treasures, the strong sense of people’s hospitality, excellent food and wine products, numerous traditional events and celebrations are just some of the reasons to visit Gangi, to the rediscovery of good living and ancient flavors.

Useful information

Where to sleep:
B&B Casa e Putia
Casale Villa Rainò
B&B Nonna Grazia

Catering services:
Ristorante Pizzeria Excalibur
Casale Villa Rainò
Trattoria Sant’Anna
Agriturismo Casalvecchio (Geraci Siculo)

And more:
Associazione Ponti e Arcobaleni
Centro Moto MP
AL.DI. s.a.s. di Nasello Pietro e C.
Azienda Agricola Ciuro
Madonie Veterinaria

What to buy

De.Co. products | traditional sweets like ricotta cheese cannoli | meat | cured meats | cheese